Are We Stuck With Our Element?

Dear Five Faces: Are we stuck with being a specific element like Wood or Fire our entire life? Or is it best to be a little of them all? Whenever I take the tests, I always seem to have a little of all the different traits. Do we ever change over the years? I’m confused.

Dear Confused: The truth is that we do have all of the elements in our energetic make-up. So when you take those “determine your element” tests (which are only one way to help determine affinity), you seem to have a little of all of them because you really do have all of them. However, we each have a primary element (and a secondary) that we resonate with more deeply than the others. Our affinity for a specific element affects everything in our lives: what makes us happy, what we hate, our physical problems, and especially our relationships. And yes, this affinity stays with us our whole life.

But before you succumb to a case of Element Envy, here’s some good news: We can draw on the other elements anytime we want. When you have to get something done, you can tap into Wood energy to help organize and direct you. If you have to speak in front of a large group of people and aren’t feeling super dynamic, you can tap into Fire. If you need patience and compassion, tap into Earth. If it’s time to follow the rules or let go of something, find your Metal. And if you need to go with the flow (or seek inspiration), you can work with your Water.

5 womenThe bottom line is that we all have all of the elements in us, kind of like the same dress worn by five different versions of us, but there will absolutely be one or two that take the lead.

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