Stepping into the Shoes of Another Element

Dear Vicki: I have a question. In your post last week (Earth Wants to Change Her Element), you suggested we visit a different elemental clubhouse when we need the qualities of that element. But practically speaking, how do we do this? How do we find the resources within ourselves to go there? Signed: A Curious Water

Dear Curious Water: This is a great question! And let me assure you that it’s not hard to take on the qualities of an element that isn’t our primary for a short period of time. In fact, we do it all the time. When presented with a darling puppy or kitten, even those of us who aren’t primary Earths usually feel a slight tug at our heartstrings and instinctively want to cuddle the cute animal. Or when those of us who aren’t primary Metals find ourselves in a bit of a panic, we often “talk ourselves off the ledge” in a very rational way. And although it isn’t wise to do this often, there are probably times when those of us who aren’t primary Fires have a nip of wine to “get in the party mood.”

Because we have all five of the elements in us, we know each of them better than we think we do. We’ve all had Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal moments or months, regardless of our primary element. We’ve all visited each of the other clubhouses before. So when we want to tap into specific attributes of any element, we already have a pathway there because we’ve been there before.

Now, to be more specific, there are many tools we can use to step into the shoes of any element we want. Here are two examples:

  1. Follow the Breadcrumbs: Unless we’ve lived under a rock our whole life, we’ve all hung out in each of the elemental clubhouses at least once or twice, usually more. Think back to a time in your life when you experienced yourself as courageous or flexible (Water), assertive or productive (Wood), outgoing or funny (Fire), caring or compassionate (Earth), structured or very rational. In fact, all you basically have to do is decide what it is you want to experience or become (short term) and then determine where that trait sits among the elements. That decides your clubhouse destination. To get to that clubhouse, sit quietly, remember a time you were what you seek, then feel in your body how it felt to be there. Depending on your destination, you may feel the familiarity in your heart as it opens, your limbs as they relax, your mind as it embraces an idea, almost anywhere. The point is to find that familiarity and embrace it. Let it spread throughout your being. As it does, you become the energy of whatever it is you seek and can act from there. But remember, this is just a visit; your primary will always call you back because it’s who you really are.
  1. Hold Yourself There: Most people will find it easier to hold specific points on their face and head than to embody a time they were in the clubhouse they want to visit. And it is easier, but it doesn’t always take us as deep into the clubhouse as we might want. To use points to access a clubhouse, we hold what are called Elemental Neurovascular Points. These points are great for balancing the emotional state associated with a specific element, but they are also great for getting into the mindset of that element, as well. Plus, they are easy to use. Their locations are:

Water: Place the palm of one hand across the back of your head directly above the neck. Hold gently until you begin feeling the aspect of Water you seek (trust, creativity, optimism, etc.). Embrace that feeling.

Wood: Place the thumbs of each hand on your face at the outside edges of your eyes. Hold gently until you begin feeling the aspect of Wood you seek (motivation, strength, vision, etc.). Embrace that feeling.

Fire: Place the palm of one hand across the back of your head directly behind your eyes. Hold gently until you begin feeling the aspect of Fire you seek (joy, enthusiasm, inspiration, etc.). Embrace that feeling.

Earth: Place the fingers of each hand on your cheekbones directly below your eyes. Hold gently until you begin feeling the aspects of Earth you seek (compassion, deep connection, an urge to cook, etc.). Embrace that feeling.

Metal: Place the fingers of both hands on the top center of your head. Hold gently until you begin feeling the aspects of Metal you are seeking (logic, clarity, process, etc.). Embrace that feeling.

An important point of warning: Should you find you want to visit other clubhouses all the time, you need to step back and ask yourself why you don’t want to be in your own clubhouse. For example, if I find I want to hang out in other clubhouses a lot instead of hanging out in the Wood clubhouse, I know it means that my Wood is out of balance – for me, usually a state of excess – so the Wood clubhouse isn’t a fun place for me (or anyone around me) to be. To fix this I need to take steps to decrease my Wood. This could mean building Metal (Metal controls Wood) by surrounding myself with white, wearing a hematite or snowflake obsidian crystal (elemental crystals are now available on my website with all proceeds going to charity), or using lavender or peppermint essential oils, which balance Wood. The point is that we are wired to belong in our primary clubhouse and if that doesn’t feel comfortable, we are probably out of balance.

I hope this helps answer your question. And remember, we have all five elements in us to help and support us. This means it’s natural to step into the shoes of another element on a temporary basis whenever we want or need what they have to offer. Good luck!


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