Trouble Finding the Right Words?

Dear Readers: Welcome to an intermittent feature of the Ask Vicki blog: Five Element Fixes. Over the years, in addition to questions regarding relationships, as a naturopathic physician I’ve been asked about a variety of issues. Questions regarding physical concerns, certainly, but also emotional, mental, and even spiritual issues, as well. And in truth, they are all relationships questions because they address how we relate to ourselves and our environment. The answers to these questions are usually short and sweet, but also rational and logical. And of course, they are grounded in the Five Elements model! The information seems more important now than ever before, so I’d like to share some of these with you here. 

Question: With all that’s been going on in the U.S. I often find myself at a loss for words when talking with people. Part of me would just like to float away to an island and be by myself, yet when friends express ideas that I don’t agree with, I want to share my thoughts but just can’t seem to find the right words. Any suggestions?

Answer: There certainly is a lot going on in our country right now. And much of it involves topics that can be quite controversial. That said, I applaud your desire to want to speak up and be heard. 

Frequently, not being able to find the right words can indicate an imbalance in the Water part of our personality. Your desire to “float away to an island” by yourself also speaks to a possible issue with Water energy. 

Whether you are a primary Water personality or are just having trouble with the Water part of your personality (remember, we have all five of the elemental personalities in our energetic make-up), a great way to help balance Water energy is to wear an aquamarine stone against your skin 24/7 for at least one month. Pendants on chains or bracelets are usually the easiest way to do this. The important part is for the stone to make direct contact with your skin.

Why: The Water element governs imagination and creativity, especially in writing and speaking. While a passion for working with words is often attributed to the Metal elemental personality, creativity using words sits with the Water elemental personality. And that can mean both written words and spoken words. So, when people have problems expressing themselves in words (finding the right words or being at a loss for words), it usually indicates an issue with the Water part of their personality. And aquamarine is excellent at building and/or balancing Water energy. 

Fortunately, aquamarine isn’t an expensive stone, especially if you can find it in the raw, unfaceted state. It’s actually an exceptionally beautiful stone in that form, too. But if you can’t find an aquamarine, wearing blue clothing daily or spending time near water will do the same thing. Basically, more Water energy will mean more creativity, including finding and using the words you want. Blessings to you!

Stay safe and well,


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