Becoming More Intuitive

Dear Readers: We have exciting news! Ask Vicki is moving to a new home! Beginning next week this blog will be hosted on my Vicki Matthews website. We’re really excited about the opportunities this will offer, but it does mean that those of you who are used to receiving an email every time I post here will no longer receive those emails. However, if you follow my Dr. Vicki Matthews Facebook Page, you’ll find a link there every time a new Ask Vicki post goes up. Thanks so much for your support over the years. It means the world!

And now, here’s another Five Elements Fix to help us better relate to ourselves and our environment.

Recently, I received the following question:

So much catches me by surprise these days, I often wish that I had some sense of what was coming. My grandmother used to call it her “knowing.” My mother calls it a “hunch.” I think it’s the ability to use what might be called “intuition,” but I’m not sure how one does that. Is there a way to become more intuitive?

Answer: The short answer is yes! We all get hunches. It could be something as simple as walking down the coffee and tea aisle at the store and grabbing an extra pound of coffee “just in case,” then returning home to discover that your husband just used the last you had on hand. Or it could be a sudden decision on your way home from work to take a different route than you usually take, only to find out that there was an accident on your normal route. Or even a strong sense that you need to call a friend and check in on her, and when you do, she’s having a bad day.

All of these are examples of what can be called intuition, and there are many ways to build it, including just listening to yourself more often. However, one of my favorite ways to build intuition is to wear a fluorite crystal against your skin daily for at least two weeks. Pendants on chains or bracelets are usually the easiest way to do this. The important part is for the stone to make direct contact with your skin. An added plus is that fluorite is a lovely rainbow-colored stone that’s as beautiful as it is helpful!

Why: Intuition comes in many forms, but the ability to be very unstructured with our thoughts and thus “wander” into different kinds of knowing sits in the Fire element. Fire is the least structured of the Five Elements. In nature, fire can leap across roads or even entire fields. Energetically, Fire energy allows us to leap briefly into places unknown and return with thoughts, ideas, or hunches. Too much Fire can create anxiety or panic, too little leaves us scattered or dull. Fluorite helps balance Fire energy, thus keeps us more open to our intuitive flashes when they come.

Fortunately, fluorite is usually easily available. But if you can’t find any that you like, try placing the palm of one hand gently on the back of your head directly behind your eyes. Place the palm of your other hand gently on your forehead. Hold this position for several minutes, breathing comfortably. This will also balance Fire energy.

After a few weeks of wearing your fluorite (or placing your hands on your head in the suggested position), you should find your intuition increasing. Of course, you’ll also need to start listening to yourself, and that may be the hardest challenge of all!

Stay safe and well,


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