How Woods Interact with their Secondary Elements

Dear Vicki: I read your recent post about how our secondary elements affect who we are and found it very interesting. It made me wonder if some primary elements work better with their secondaries than others. For example, I’m a primary Wood and don’t think I’m “softened” much by any secondary. I’m pretty much a Wood’s Wood. Do we even need a secondary? If it helps, I work as a marketing manager for a cyber security firm. Signed: Pure Wood

Dear Pure Wood: You are not alone in wondering about the impact of your secondary element. Quite a few people wrote in requesting information about how their specific primary element might be affected by each of the possible secondaries.

First, let’s be clear that a specific secondary element will impact us differently depending on our primary element. For example, Water as a secondary will always bring some degree of creativity and a “go with the flow” energy to an individual. But what that looks like will depend pretty strongly on which primary element Water is “flavoring.”

In your case, Wood’s tendency for individualization will definitely affect the relationship between your primary and secondary elements. It’s not surprising that, as a Wood, you don’t think your secondary matters. Woods are decisive, accomplished individuals who make things happen, fight for a cause, and enjoy leading others forward. Left to their own devices, Woods usually only focus on what Woods find important, which means you might not even see your secondary as part of you.

But it is part of you, I promise. It’s very unlikely that our secondary elements have no impact on our personalities. They’re part of our energetic make up and a living filter through which we interact with the world. That said, there is one possible reason that a secondary might not have a significant impact on the expression of our primary element, and that’s if it has had its own expression conditioned out of us by an aspect of life.

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