Marketing: A Water/Earth Dilemma

Dear Vicki: I am a Water/Earth. And while I believe that being these elements facilitates my energy healing practice in some ways, in other ways they seem to be having trouble relating to the business aspect of my business. Part of the problem is that it’s very difficult to predict the flow of my energy. I can be bright and outgoing for a while, but then cheery suddenly eludes me and I need to retreat. I’ve been told I come across as a calm, gentle Zen-like character, but that isn’t the kind of hustle one needs to promote oneself and one’s practice. I had a business coach help me for a while, but what she wanted me to do completely stressed me out! Marketing and getting myself out there is extremely challenging for me. I love my healing work but my Water and Earth don’t seem to want it to grow. Is there hope for my practice? Signed: Tired of Trying

Dear Tired: First, please know that you are not alone. Many people find marketing and promotion difficult, especially people with your energy composition. Water wants to be alone and private as much as possible. When not alone, Water seeks the company of smaller groups of like-minded people who enjoy pondering esoteric and philosophic topics. Earths like regular connection with almost anyone, especially if they’re able to help, but don’t usually like to talk about themselves. This means that your Water/Earth combo makes you especially good at the more subtle healing arts like energy work, but less good at marketing. And while a Water/Earth combo can make it difficult to predict your energy flow, it isn’t impossible. So let’s look at how to do that and then take on the more daunting challenge of marketing using your Water/Earth combo.

One reason you may find it difficult to “predict” your energy levels is that Water and Earth have conflicting desires when it comes to socialization. Your Earth will be happy interacting with people. That makes you come off as bright and cheery because Earths love connecting! But your Water doesn’t necessarily enjoy a great deal of socialization, so will retreat much as you have experienced. In fact, this push/pull around the topic of socializing is very characteristic of Water/Earth relationships. These two elements relate via the Controlling Cycle, with Earth controlling Water. The good news for Waters, however, is that Earth doesn’t control Water by diminishing it. Instead, Earth, which is all about balance, merely guides Water using what can be called gentle control. Water wants alone time, but when it becomes too extreme, Earth will step in and make sure Water doesn’t get too reclusive.

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