Missing Time with Friends and Family?

Dear Readers: Welcome to a new feature of the Ask Vicki blog: Five Element Fixes. Over the years, in addition to questions regarding relationships, as a naturopathic physician I’ve been asked about a variety of other issues. Questions regarding physical concerns, certainly, but also emotional, mental, and even spiritual issues, as well. And in truth, they are all relationships questions because they address how we relate to ourselves and our environment. The answers to these questions are usually short and sweet, but also rational and logical. And of course, they are grounded in the Five Elements model! The information seems more important now than ever before, so I’d like to share some of these with you here. 

Question: Thanksgiving is coming and because of Covid, I’ve decided it’s best if I don’t travel home to be with my elderly parents this year. It’s the right thing to do, but my heart literally aches over this. Is there anything that will help?

Answer: This is a question many of us will have to face as the holidays approach: Do we or don’t we travel to spend time with those we love? The answers will be different for each of us, but the overall issue of missing the important people in our lives is going to be the same. The loss of time with people we love does create an ache in our heart, even if the choice to stay away is the right one. 

When heartache has settled upon us, fluorite (a beautiful multi-colored crystal) can be very helpful. Try wearing a fluorite crystal around your neck on a chain or leather cord so that the stone rests near your heart. Wear it as much as possible and it can help lessen the feeling of heartache.

Why: The vibration of the mineral fluorite has been known as an excellent support for the Fire element. The heart organ and its related emotions sit in Fire, so anything that balances Fire energy will also help balance heart energy. And in general, when our Fire energy is balanced, not only will heartache lessen, it’s also much easier not to panic or become scattered. Plus, fluorite is a beautiful stone!

Stay safe and well.