It’s Fall: Everything’s a Bit More Metal

Dear Vicki: I’m a newlywed who recently started studying the five elements and I sure have a question about my husband. Dick and I have been together for a year and married three months ago. Based on what I’ve read, I really think Dick is a Fire. He’s funny and outgoing and laughs a lot. Plus, he loves attention and was practically manic this summer, he was so happy. But now that it’s fall, I’m wondering if he might be a Metal. He’s obsessed with getting the dead plants out of our garden, wants to have wills drawn up right away, and snapped at me yesterday for making his mom’s chili recipe in a different way. Could he have turned into a Metal because it’s fall? Signed, Snapped At In Sagamore

Dear Snapped At: The short answer is that we do not change elements with the seasons. Our primary affiliation stays the same all year (and our whole life). If your husband is a primary Fire, he will be a Fire in summer, fall, winter, and spring.

That said, the cosmic seasons certainly affect us. Fall will make us all a bit more Metal, just like spring will bring out our Wood energy, winter our Water energy, and summer our Fire energy. This means summer will make your Fire husband a bit more fiery, so Dick could be a ramped-up version of himself all summer long, which may or may not be a good thing. But once fall hits, he begins to settle down under the influence of Metal, which it sounds like you may not be enjoying these days. No worries, though, Dick’s Fire will never let him manifest too much Metal; it will always try to soften the edges and rules because Fire controls Metal.

The other elements also feel more Metal energy in the fall, but how this manifests depends on their relationship with Metal:

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