Thanksgiving: Traditions, Metal, and Fire

Dear Vicki: I need help. I just found out that our traditional family Thanksgiving is at risk. Earlier this year my brother Derek married Leslie, who I’m sure is a Fire. She’s funny, scattered, and has no structure, a fact that became apparent last week while discussing Thanksgiving. We usually have a private dinner for the 18 of us, but that seems to be out the window because Derek and Leslie are hosting the holiday. And they are dumping the turkey and throwing a party for 50! How can I get things under control and back to the traditional Thanksgiving we all love? Signed: Disgusted Guy in Denver

Dear Disgusted: How to celebrate Thanksgiving brings up lots of issues here in the States. This isn’t really too surprising because stress and expectations around the holidays often make our differences more apparent. But worry not, there is hope for the holiday. Let’s start by looking at the key players in your scenario.

It’s wonderful news that your brother has married. If Leslie is as Fiery as you say she is, and Derek enjoys that, it means he probably has a great deal of Earth (Fire feeds Earth) or Water (they’re attracted to the light and activity of Fires, the yang of summer to Water’s wintery yin). Derek probably isn’t a Wood because he’d feel burned out by too much Fire (Wood feeds Fire), or a Metal because he’d feel threatened by too much Fire (Fire controls Metal). And it’s unlikely that he’s a Fire himself or you would have mentioned how similar Derek and Leslie are.

If Derek is either an Earth or a Water, he won’t have much structure (Wood and Metal are the most structured of the elements), so will be less concerned regarding exactly what happens around Thanksgiving. If he’s a Water, he’ll be perfectly happy going with the flow. If he’s an Earth, he’ll just want everyone, especially his new wife, to be happy.

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