Two Waters: Can It Work?

Dear Vicki: I’m a Water (with a secondary Earth) and for the first time in my life I’m in a relationship with a Water man (I’m pretty sure he’s a secondary Wood). It’s amusing, but also pretty disconcerting to see one’s own traits – particularly the annoying ones – in your partner. We started out great together, but lately we seem less connected and could be on our way to “It’s over.” Is that surprising? Is this relationship doomed? Signed, Watery in Westport

Dear Watery: As I’ve mentioned in other posts, same element relationships have strengths and weaknesses. No one will know or understand you better when you’re relating to someone from your same elemental “clubhouse.” But there’s none of the energy movement that comes from relating via either the Nurturing or Controlling Cycle. That means a same element relationship can sometimes feel stuck, dull, or lacking in excitement.

The good news for you is that the element least likely to mind this lack of action or excitement is Water. As you have probably already discovered, two Waters together will be happy at home reading, discussing almost anything under the sun, or maybe even watching a long movie. They will understand when the other doesn’t want to go to a party because they won’t want to party in a crowd, either. They will be fine just going with the flow as things unfold in life and will have no shortage of ideas to discuss. There will be playfulness between them, too (the baby part of Water), and quietly fun times. They will inspire and be inspired by each other. In the beginning, it can be a Water’s idea of bliss.

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