Two New Posts to the Ask Vicki Blog!

New Ask Vicki Blog Posts!



Just a quick reminder that the Ask Vicki blog has moved to my website:  

Last week’s post dealt with the possibility of rekindling love 30 years after a divorce:

Dear Vicki: My husband and I divorced thirty years ago. We never had children, which was fine with me since I spent almost every hour of the day building my medical practice. I wanted things done the right way, I wanted it to be the best, and that took time. Apparently, it wasn’t fine with Jim because he remarried within a year of our divorce, opened a restaurant, and immediately had two children with his new wife. We both stayed in Albany. Our paths rarely crossed, but in the little spare time I had, I did think of him a lot. Now, thirty years later, he is a widower and manages the restaurant he has owned for decades. I am retired and wonder if there is any chance we might try again. Since I’m not working, I think things could be better. Is that possible?

This week’s post is a Five Elements Fix and offers Five Element ways to deal with insomnia.

Check them both out on my website and while you’re there, take a look around. You might find something else you like!

Blessings to you,


2 thoughts on “Two New Posts to the Ask Vicki Blog!

  1. Yes, for these notices on WordPress. If you want a notice each time a blog is actually posted on Ask Vicki (now hosted on my website), the best thing to do is to follow my professional Facebook Page, Dr. Vicki Matthews. That’s the first place I post about a new blog! Thanks for asking, Sue.

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